Dear friends,

This book was created to gather the opinions of prominent Insurance Consultants who play an important role in Private Insurance.

This book deals with only a part of the population of insurers:

They are called Professional Insurance Consultants.

Those who daily listen to the real problems of the client, or the prospective client, and try to find the solution to potential risks, which are around us every day, next to us, but unfortunately many of us, both clients and insurers, or not we see or we do not want to see them!

The above Professional Insurers-Consultants flirt daily with the perfect, the irreconcilable, the required and this for them is a given and self-evident! They are non-negotiable and incompatible with everyday life, with the trivial ways of selling, finding and approaching a customer, but also with regard to securing them and their families. They push themselves and their limits, for at least a minute every day and this is a recipe for success for themselves and their customers. "Sin" and at the same time "guilt" for them any lack, mistake, poor service to their customers, for the purpose they serve and for the goal they set within them.

So this book is first of all dedicated to the Professional Insurance Consultant, who daily strives to stand out from the rest who occasionally seek to imitate him and want to be called insurers.

It is dedicated to you, the already existing insurer who has worries and toils and is currently holding this book in your hands and whose dream is to join this category.

However, it is also dedicated to the next generations of insurers who will represent this area. In other words, every new insurer who will join the profession and will start with dreams and hopes, which in this field he can realize to the fullest. It is dedicated to him, to know from the beginning who would be better to belong to and how he could participate in the future or create something similar like this book. Because it is imperative for him, and his own people, to know what it is that he is going to represent, to initiate, and toil, what his prospects are, but also what they are and how those who represent the profession in our market think. today, from the position of Professional Insurance Consultant.

In this book we read the opinions of prominent Insurance Consultants in questions about the philosophy that determines the way of finding their customers but also the central idea of ​​the sale they attempt.

They explain to us that they control their activity, that after so many years of work they maintain a massive portfolio, but also what kind of public relations they apply with their insured.

They tell us whether their first sales were successful, after how long they felt that this would be the profession they would follow, by what criteria they chose the insurance industry, what attracted them to it, while explaining to us the advantages of the insurance career. counselor but also if they would choose this career again.

They reveal to us, how they achieve their goals every year, what their successes and failures are but also how they expand their knowledge.

Finally, we read the developments that have been observed in the field in the last 20 years and their proposals for the future.

If you want to understand the changes that are happening around you, if you want to see the new form that you need to nurture in the ever-changing and demanding job market and if you have questions and concerns about the profession of Professional Insurance Consultant, we highly recommend this book.

It should be noted that the profits of the book go to the Association of Northern Greece "Children's Hearts" which was created to support children suffering from congenital or acquired heart disease (

The trip….

"It was February 2017 when in the framework of the organization of an annual Workshop of MDRT, at the Museum of Natural History, in Athens we had organized a tour for our invited speakers at the Sacred Rock of the Acropolis.
I remember well that with the guide came the discussion about the abilities of the Greeks, their idiosyncrasies, culture and all those that our ancestors created in Ancient Greece.
I was proud that the virtues of the Greeks of that time were heard, but at the same time I saw our country today experiencing a great crisis "economic" but rather mainly a crisis of "values".
So, I took the opportunity to try to explain to the friends who attended in an atmosphere of taxation and good mood one of the basic feelings and features of our people. That of "Philotimo".
A word that Greeks feel more than they interpret.
Although I am not the expert to interpret it as an etymology and while I will borrow a lot of data from sources, Philotimo has a feature that at least gives you the right to refer to it and describe it because you feel it is your "property", since you live with it every day. Philotimo is "Emotion".
The consciousness of dignity itself! "

"Philotimo is an ancient Greek word. It is essential, and translates as "love of honor." However, philotimo is almost impossible to adequately translate, because it describes a complex web of virtues.
Virtues that we have and if we cultivate them will be our guarantees for a successful course in this noble profession that we have chosen! They are virtues that are mirrored and spring from within the human soul.
But our effort to cultivate needs to be enduring. So we will meet our real aspects and possibilities. Thus we will discover every corner of ourselves and the role it can offer through our profession to society and our fellow human beings.
This is Philotimo! "

"Philotimo is therefore interpreted as a way of life in doing the right and honest even if your life is in danger. To work for the overall sense of duty with a view to doing the right thing.
It is honorable to live a good life.
It is your inner voice to stand up against egos, pettiness and revanchism.
Honor, Courage, Duty, Pride, Creativity, Compassion, Generosity, Integrity, Kindness, Faith, Consciousness, Humility, Dignity, Dignity, Respect, Honesty, Philanthropy are the hallmarks of Charity and Courage interpretations that are given, while it is very rightly said that whenever you say the word "Philotimo" to a Greek then you see that his gaze is sweetening.
It is honorable to think of those we would not like to be in their place.
The Apostle Paul mentions in his letter to the Romans, 14 '(15) 17-29 the word "I am honored"
"Or .. preach the gospel of Christ. And so I dare to evangelize: not where the name of Christ was proclaimed, ”..”
It also means Love and Luck but also includes the concept of bond and responsibility of interpersonal relationships.
So having this as a guide, we can achieve great things by cultivating ourselves and offering work to our customers. "

Dear readers, friends, insured, customers ......
That's the purpose of this book. To inspire you and remind you of the virtues you already have inside you and walk with them on the path of your life, whether you are Greek or not, and that through our profession you are so useful to society.


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