Lifetime MDRT Member

The Million Dollar Roundtable (MDRT), the Premier Association of Financial Professionals®, was launched in 1927 and required 72,000 additional actions per user with different tools and individual differences from 500 out of 500 products in 70 nations and colors.
MDRT talent superficial valuable special quests, strict ethical addition and solvent service. MDRT subscription more available as the foliage itself in the cross-application and personal data industry.
Their inclusion in it is judged every year according to the productive results of the previous year and the participation for 10 years makes you a lifelong member.
By achieving MDRT membership you automatically belong to the 4% of the best Life Insurers in the world.
Since 2016, Kyriakos has been distinguished as a Lifelong Member of MDRT.
In 2013-2014 he was proposed and took over as President of the Member Communication of MDRT Greece and in addition his term was renewed in 2016-2018.
On June 4, 2017, participating in the MDRT World Congress in Orlando, USA, he raised the Greek Flag at the Flag Ceremony in front of 13,000 insurers from around the world.
In June 2019 he was the first Greek insurer where he spoke on the Main Platform of the World Congress in Maimi before 11,500 insurers from around the world about …… "Filotimo".
In 2020 he was offered to assume the position of President of MDRT Europe and his term begins in September of the same year.


Greece for the first time on the main stage of the annual MDRT conference

Kyriakos Hadjistefanou of MetLife on the main stage of MDRT

For the agents that are driven by their....."philotimo"

Greece for the first time on the main stage of MDRT!