Gallery Of Stars

Joining the company's Gallery of Stars was a long and daily effort focused on both productive and quality results. His inclusion in this distinction required the completion of 20 years and his participation in 8 World and Pan-European Conferences of the company.
In 2012, successfully completing this course in a surprise ceremony in September 2013, his portrait was unveiled along with 3 additional colleagues.
For the story it is about the Team Coordinators Mr. I. Kousi (D.S.F. Athens) and P. Stathopoulos (Sales Office of Mr. V. Smyrniou), as well as for the insurance consultants Mr. I. Alexanian (D.S.F. Athens), who were distinguished for the high level of professionalism that characterizes them.
Joining the Gallery of Stars is considered the cornerstone of discrimination in the career of an insurance consultant in the company.